A little something about me... My first love of photography was born in storm chasing. For me there is nothing quite like capturing that perfect image of one of natures greatest shows. An image that will only happen once, it can not be recreated. My location in western Illinois only a short drive from the heart of “tornado alley” has afforded me ample opportunity for this type of work. Soon a general fascination with photography itself took root and I began spending more and more time with my camera. I was soon impressing myself as well as others with the work I was creating. As my experience grew I also began pursuing landscapes, trying to get in at least one trip a year aside from chasing storms. After the shutter release I maintain control of the entire life of the image from processing the image digitally to final printing on one of my two canon professional printers. I hope you enjoy your time here. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.